Points to remember before annual travel insurance

I am sure everyone must have heard about travel insurance before. There are two types of travel insurance first one for those who are not frequent travelers and are called as single trip cover and second one for those who are frequent travelers and are called annual travel insurance. Single trip insurance as the name suggest covers only one single trip and hence it is cheap, where as annual travel insurance covers for any number of travel for one year. This means that if you are a regular traveler then you can make a huge saving by taking an annual travel insurance policy. Annual travel insurance allows you to make a any number of trips you may want in a year. But there may be a certain condition that it should not exceed a certain amount of time. So if you are planning to go out somewhere for a break at the last moment than at least you don’t have to worry about making arrangement for a travel insurance.
It is always recommended to do your homework before you buy anything. Similarly when you are buying a annual travel insurance you have to take note of certain points. First of all try to make a list of all the places that you plan to visit in the next twelve months. If you are confused and don’t know where you will be heading in the next twelve months then it is always a wise decision to purchase an annual travel insurance policy for North America travel. You can always expand it to Worldwide at a later date. If you are planning for winter sports then you can check the policy details as many companies providing annual insurance allows you a fix number of days of winter sports cover at no extra cost, while there are a few companies who have a minimum charge for it. Annual travel insurance policy should generally cover cost of medicines, cost of visit to a doctor or a hospital, trip cancellation, baggage insurance in case of a theft and so on. There are many companies that also gives you a discount up to 25 percent if you don’t want the coverage for lost or damaged baggage. However it is always recommended to go for a full comprehensive travel insurance.
An annual travel insurance starts from the day you purchase this policy and people usually and covers you for the next one year, so people usually try to make the first day of your travel as the first day of the travel insurance cover. But there is one point that always need to be taken care of that in case of cancellation of your trip you will not be covered under this policy till your policy begins. My suggestion is to book your policy from the day you plan and book your holiday. And if you are planning a special long holiday then you should also check out with your company that it provides cover to the cost of cancellation of the entire trip.
Last but not the least buying a complete family package covering your entire family can again save you a huge amount of money. You just need to check out a few points that if your kids are going out for a school picnic your annual travel insurance covers you for this also. Generally all the companies allow the adults to travel all alone, but not so in the case of children. Companies have a restriction to this and have a clause that the children should be accompanied by their parents. So these are some few points which you should check out before you buy a annual travel insurance.