3 Secret Ways to Generate Free Traffic For Global Domains International – Review and Be Amazed!

Have you been finding it hard to generate traffic for your GDI business? Well this article will explain how you can use 3 free strategies to get traffic for Global Domains International, review these strategies and take action.

Before we begin I just want to explain the approach. The idea is to provide free quality advise to your audience. Not to attack them about your GDI business. Why? Well, you want to provide value first to create attraction. Then when your prospect feels they have got value and want more info, you are in! Make sense?

Remember this is not a Global Domains International review, these are some strategies that you can implement straight away.

Number 1 – Create free articles on EzineArticles. Yes, exactly what I am doing right now. You see, I practice what I preach! The idea is to write about useful information that will help prospects in your niche. Here is a big tip – they can be doing any networking opportunity, it doesn’t have to be GDI. Matter of fact, that is the plan. You want to attract other network marketers that understand the model and need info.

Keep your articles short and to the point and give value. If you need some examples check out what I have done! This process may seem like it will take ages, but stick with it. I recommend at least 5 articles a week! Yes, 5 articles a week. Unless you take massive action you will be complaining that the strategy does not work. Remember I said “at least” so you could do more if you are ambitious.

Number 2 – Video Sharing. Create some short videos. I suggest under 2 minutes long. Anything longer than this and most won’t bother to watch the whole video. The way to do this is to be smart. Use the articles you have written in number 1 above and make your videos based on those articles. Are you with me?

Do not read the article word for word. Instead, give a quick high level version of the article and urge your prospect to visit your website for more info. Then you can communicate with them using your auto-responder and attraction marketing sales funnel.

Number 3 – Maximize your content! Take those articles and videos and create hub pages or Squidoo lenses. These sites will create back links to your articles and videos and maximize your content and coverage.

As I said earlier the way to win and get free traffic for Global Domains International, review these strategies and take action straight away.

Listen closely, here is your next step,