Architectural Firms

Architectural firms are the people to talk to if you want a building customised to your every need. Architects are probably amongst the most skilled people in the world. Their job entails more than just being able to draw and use a ruler on a piece paper. They are multi-disciplinary men and women with a flair for multi-tasking.

Architects are people who are trained and licensed in planning and designing buildings according to the specifications of their clients. They also participate to a greater or lesser degree in supervising the construction of the buildings they have designed. They bring together technical knowledge, management skills, business sense and artistic talent to create buildings that people want. An architectural firm is more than just a few people drawing plans; it is a multi-disciplinary gathering of skilled people.

Most architects are commissioned by a client to do a job for them.

Architectural firms are approached and the client gives them the brief on what is required. Not all clients want a building built from scratch. Some just require the architect’s expertise in the field, consultation on a problem they are experiencing in construction or assistance in some field of design and construction. It is when the client commissions an architect to design a building for him, however, that he can truly shine.

Designing a building is more than just putting some lines down on paper. Architects need to deal with local and federal government regulations, building codes and operation codes. They need to be aware of local zoning and planning laws such as maximum height, parking, transparency and historical importance. Architects coordinate design teams that often include structural, mechanical and electrical engineers all working for the same architectural firm.

Once the plans are ready, architects need to have them cleared by government to attain the necessary permits. Only then can the architectural firm tender contractors to start the building. Architects often handle the tender process for their clients, pulling from a database of trusted general contractors. Once the contractor has been chosen, the architect’s role becomes an advisory one. They will supervise the construction, assisting where necessary and ensuring that everything is going according to plan and to schedule.

From start to finish, architects have a very difficult job. There is much more to their career than just drawing the plans for the buildings their clients want to build. Building codes, regulations, permits and so many other things have to be juggled to make a client’s dreams come true. With a solid architectural firm behind them, architects ensure that their clients get exactly what they ordered.