Bsnl Broadband Usage

This month I have tried this 2 times and it gave me no error. And totaly free. It is chargable for you because your computer time and BSNl sever time does not match. Check your account usages to adjust your clock and try for 30 minutes. You must disconnect your modem before 8 am according to BSNL time and reconnect with in that.If you will do that after 8 am then it will chargable for you.

So be careful before apply this and it works for me. If you want I can post some more image of my usage details also sambit. You are telling me about rebooting modem! I have written a guide on this. What I said that you cannot use 30 mins slots in uTorrent. I cannot stop uTorrent at 8:30 using uTorrent Schedule.

Look guys, don’t be greedy and play with fire.

I also know that there exists 30 mins grace period and I have see it happen to me also but that is BSNLs indulgence and not a waiver. Anytime they can charge for it.

Please do not advice anyone that you get free download till 8:30 AM. Suppose BSNL decide to charge for that 30 mins what will happen:

– in 30 minutes you can download a maximum of 256 KB/s * 60s * 30m = 450 MB
– in 30 days you will download 13500 MB or 13.18 GB
– if BSNL charged for the extra download you will end up charged Rs. 8749.06 for everything over 2.5 GB. This is assuming that you do not use your bandwidth for anything else.
– the tax on above will be Rs. 1081.38
– your bill will be up by Rs.


You are write but this is the screenshot of my this month download.You can see the date also.

And guys there is a way to do that.Your wish you can do it or not.

By the way if you will see you are charged for today download then you have to stop that.No need to go for 13 gb.That will sure cost all.

So this is my way and I want to share with you. U can do it or you cant.

Your wish.

Bsnl Broadband Speed Test