Computerized Accounting System Untenable

Accounting systems are designed to provide the necessary information to the consolidated financial statements and earnings, usually for one year. Therefore, the information was said to be of historic importance, and only a post-analysis of these figures can be implemented. The whole question requires that information at the right time, at frequent intervals to allow management to plan and take corrective action. As usual, it is a method of accounting is to provide relevant financial information for less than a year. Now, at the dawn of computerized accounting system untenable, the monthly repayment and loss known, and this will help overcome current limitations.

Some believe that the budget and financial reports are influenced by personal beliefs. Convention on the objectivity of the work is respected in the world, but to control certain events estimates have been made, and requires the informed and intelligent report. We can not expect the accuracy to be objective and therefore suffers. Accounting sometimes leaves behind some very important non-monetary information.

But interesting is that this information should not be something that is not monetary in nature. The reference to the intensity and extent of competition for its operation, the latest technical innovations in organizing the loyalty and effectiveness of functions of employees, etc. are important things that govern the activity.