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Website migration is most common development services offered by web development companies. Let us first of all discuss features and benefits of dynamic websites.

Dynamic website keep you tuned with real updates, your website is active and synchronized with other activities online; all under your control. Search engine always look for fresh content on your website, make sure one or the other activity keeps going on your website; if there is no activity on your website for a long time search engine may remove it from its index.

I am sure if you look few years back, websites were static and all the changes were to be done by developers, user have to wait for admin and admin sent it to developer and it was a long procedure with professionals involved at different steps.

With evolvement of new tools and advancement in technology, web applications and content management system came up. In the present age, technologies like RoR, Web 2.0 and LAMP have gifted us with dynamic websites. Dynamic website helps to make instant updation of on going activities of the organization, providing the current real time data. Content Management System CMS helps web administrator to control your website content (create categories, files, audio, video, documents, electronic file, etc.). Without designer and developer involvement, a person without knowledge of CMS can start up, no need to learn. CMS is user friendly, ease to implement, provides scalable solutions.

Benefits of dynamic websites can be briefed: Real time content manipulation, number of users with secure login area, privileged users, paging navigation, forums, blogs, detail site traffic report.

Most of the open source CMS are written using scripting languages like PHP and uses MySQL database. For each dynamic page generated these scripting languages create a unique link with session id variables to keep record of visitors blocking cookies; so there is unique link URL for each page accessed with strings and character sets like ?=!. From SEO point of view you need to remove these characters from the URL to push your ranking forward, for the pages generated dynamically we can go ahead by URL rewriting, this can be achieved by turning off the session id and turning on cookies in .ini file or by writing .HTACCESS file.

For developing a search engine friendly website using open source CMS we need to study well the requirements of the website to be developed and functionalities offered by the off-the-shelf-applications. I have few reasons to state why Drupal CMS is most preferred compared to Joomla and other open source CMS for developing search engine websites. Content Management System helps to develop more interactive website, user friendly interface that will help to deliver scalable solutions compared to static websites developed using HTML. These CMS provides a modular approach, categorization of content, easy management of website design and content, updation at one point is reflected throughout, database is maintained separately, no specific knowledge is required for using CMS; these all together makes CMS highly scalable.

Views may differ and I welcome my article readers to post comments, as it is my personal view that Drupal is best for search engine website development. Drupal is very powerful and can be used to develop websites of high degree complexity. Websites developed in Drupal are AOL, Yahoo, Aaron Wall’s SEObook.com, Forbes, The United Nations, The Onion, The Discovery Channel, Warner Brothers Records, Lime.com, The New York Observer, Fast Company.

Why Drupal for SEO??

Taxonomy — The modular structure of CMS works best with Drupal allows to categorize content, organize and manage it more accurately by tagging. Based on the theme of categories are formed and tags are assigned. Few categories may allow user to assign tags as per ones choice; at the same few categories may allow to tag by offering selected, existing tags, completely flexible. Hierarchy of categories is also followed if required. You can also have hierarchical categories, with single or multiple parent categories. The most important point to be considered is advanced taxonomy features allow to target long-tail keywords.

Advanced URL Control — Manipulate the URL structure easily with Drupal. Each item in Drupal is node that can be assigned a custom URL, an alias URL. Construct clean URL with Drupal, all the internal URLs are redirected (301) to custom.

Custom Content Types and Views — Using Content Construction Kit (CCK) and Views Modules new content types can be created and advance custom views can also be created without writing code. N number of content types can be created and can be displayed in n-number of ways. Examples: forum posts, blog posts, classified ads, etc.

Revision Control —Configuring Drupal lets you keep track of older and new versions if needed while editing web pages.

User Management — For community based websites Drupal is the best solution that has a functionality that helps control user access. . Different custom user role with varying degree of access levels: like webmaster, admin, moderator, etc. You can customize your website by adding or deleting features like blogs.

Page Titles and Meta Tags — It is simple and easy to manage Meta tags elements and HTML elements using specific modules of meta tags control.

Template: Theming in Drupal is easier, it uses PHP Template, Drupal Theme Developer’s Guide is a good resource.

Excellent Documentation — Excellent documentation is available with Drupal and I am sure once you install Drupal you can easy go with it. Rich documentation on massive API reference, blogs, handbooks, tutorials, video; also Drupal Dojo community is of great help for developers.

Drupal Cookbooks — If you further want to customize your Drupal solution, you can fulfill your need by using code snippet available with Drupal.org.

Large and Friendly Community — I believe Drupal is the best open source CMS solution for developing search engine friendly websites. The Drupal developers’ community is expanding and you can find lots of community created modules. If get struck up with some problem, you can join Drupal forums and users will try to solve your problem, by providing best possible solution and answers.

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