Foreign Travel Tips

If you are planning to travel aboard, you should follow these guidelines. It will make your trip easier.
1) Get your traveling documents ready. Make sure you have a valid passport and visas. It is wise to fill in the emergency information page of your passport, before you go.
2) Read Travel Warnings or Public Announcements for the countries of destination.
3) Learn the local laws, customs, and cultures of the country. When you are in different country, the U.S. Constitution can not protect you. You must follow the laws of that country. If you break the law of the country, you are subject to its laws.
4) You should make at least two copies of your passport. Leave at least one copy with family or friends. If you lost passport in the foreign country, they can save your day. It is wise to carry other copies in a separate place.
5) Leave a copy of your itinerary at home. If somebody must contact you in case of an emergency, they can contact you.
6) Carry your luggage with you at all time. Never accept packages from strangers. Never leave your suitcase unattended.
7) It is wise to register with U.S. embassy prior to your departure. You can also do it from the State Department’s travel registration website. Your information may not be released without your authorization according to the Privacy Act.
8) Do not wear expensive jewelry. It is wise to avoid being a target of crime. It is better to be safe than sorry.
9) If you find yourself in trouble in the foreign land, you should contact the nearest U.S. embassy.