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Paris is a city that must be walked to experience. TripAdvisor’s travel community has written millions of reviews describing their best and worst vacations, so you can decide where to go and what to avoid. However, after 3 days, my feet, legs and body were screaming for relief. Enter the Les Cars Rouge bus tour. This is a double Decker open top UK type bus. The ticket is good for two days and allows departures at each site to walk and tour.

I found the Les Cars Rouge 2 day tour for 24 Euros very good. The buses are very frequent at the stops where you can get on and off again. Millions Paris travel tours have shared their candid reviews of hotels paris, bed and breakfasts, inns, and more. Whether you prefer worldwide hotel chains or cozy boutique hotels, you’ll find real hotel reviews you can trust at TripAdvisor.

Our free destination guides collect helpful traveler suggestions and photos to guide you. Find and book a convenient and comfortable hotel Paris metro denfert rochereau, or find a vacation rental for a memorable getaway. TripAdvisor’s Flight Search checks thousands of possible itineraries and finds you the lowest fares the most often of any online flight finder. The tourist bus of Paris was expensive for what you get. The cost for adults is 22 Euros and Children under 12 11Euros. The tickets last for two consecutive days and you can buy them on the bus.