Game Development And Design In India

Game development and designing is not as easy as it seems so. Various software development companies over the world have tried to carve a niche for themselves but only few companies have been able to succeed. To make good games, only few companies know the art. Especially, India has emerged as a hub for game development and designing. Some of the reasons for successful game development and game designing in India.

Game development involves game designing, sound designing, music composition and writing. To enter the world of game development, one has to have serious communication, theatrical and imaginative skills. Some companies also require a BS in Computer Science. Artistic experience is required for game development, as computer games have color and resolution restrictions. So if you have skills in this area, you can easily get a job. Most companies ask for a portfolio of your work. However, don’t try sending this electronically, as most companies respond better to snail mail than e-mail.

The product specification of the game design details how the features of that game design will be implemented in the final design. Then there is the graphic bible, which helps in determining the look and feel of the characters, maps, props, etc., of the game. If appropriate, there is also the interactive screenplay in the game design, which contains the storyline that will be implemented into the product.

If you plan to become an artist in game development, then take art classes with a good paint program and a 3-D modeling program. Those with writing skills should vie for writing positions in game development. Create some sample scripts with story lines to succeed in game development! Game developers should also have some experience laying out levels. Note the structure of levels and environments in the top-selling games. Take theater, communication and computer science classes to get a good job. Once you enter the game industry, you’ll find this field is always changing, very addictive and as challenging as it is rewarding.

However, the game designer may not be qualified to write all of these documents. The game’s producer, lead programmer and artist create the product specification of the game, while a professional writer crafts the screenplay. However, the game designer is considered the ‘guardian of the vision’ and has the final say on what goes in the product, and is involved in all the aspects of the game design.