Handy Game World : New iPhone and iTouch Game Apps to Know About

Since Apple’s iPhone plunged into the handy game realm, it has been more than a tool to keep friends close and updated. Targeting to compete with Sony and other portable gaming consoles, iPhone is the choice for gamers who want to be on the move and keep in touch with class and style.

iPhone is one of the portable gaming devices that is a better choice than an expensive gaming cartridge. Indeed, without spending that much, you can still the enjoy the same if not better quality games while on the road.

There are many mobile game websites out there, and new iphone games are being developed by the date. You can choose many kinds of genres in games, anything that suits your taste and trip.

When it comes to iPhone games, one of the video games developer to watch out is Beteo Games (http://www.beteogames.com).

One of the promising developers behind the game, Acmar Rising, made for people who want to enjoy combined first-person shooting with RPG ( role playing game) where you can play like Halo and upgrade like Final Fantasy, a game that promises to never bore you everywhere you are. This game grows its popularity all over the iPhone and itouch apps world.

With the success of Acmar Rising– well, rising, Beteo Games is set to release another exciting game for the Apple iPhone and iTouch in May 2009. iWrath, as it is called, promises ultimate iPhone gaming experience. Created with intense graphics and new ideas, pushing iPhone and itouch to a whole new level of fun and creativity for its users.