How to Get Free Student Web Hosting

Nowadays there are many companies offering free student web hosting service. You might be curious, what is the intention of those companies? Is there any catch? Let’s discuss this more.

1. Help Students Gain First Experience

Free student web hosting can be a great way to experience real life as a webmaster. You can observe many features that you had never seen before. Few colleges actually provide this service for IT student just like my college. You just need to contact the IT department and they will give you, your user name and passwords.

2. Recruiting People

Several IT companies also offer free hosting service to student in an effort to introduce their companies, or as a way to recruit those students once they graduate. With the increasing demand for IT staff in recent years this is smart move to spot hidden talent.

3. Getting Revenue From Advertising

Have you noticed that your free hosting pages include advertising that you never put there? Some companies make money from this advertising. Whenever people click or open your website, they will be paid.

This is win-win solution because the company will make money and you get your free hosting.

4. Free Ads Hosting

Even though it is rare, I have noticed companies that offer free ads hosting for no charge. It later turns out to be a promotion for upgraded package. Unless you need more server capacity or features, you don’t need to pay any fee at all which is a good thing for you.

You can experiment a bit on online world, and who know you will invent another Facebook someday. At that time you sure can afford to pay for advanced package.

5. Capacity

Many companies and colleges offer free hosting with different capacity. If you are trying to develop complex website with complex database manipulation, 50MG server capacity may not enough for you, so you need to search for another free hosting that will give you more capacity.

Fortunately, there are few companies that offer 350MG hosting capacity with MySql features, which is enough capacities to do your school task.

6. Backup Your File

I would suggest that you back up your files often because this is free service obviously you can’t complain if something happens such as the server crash or the files accidentally erased. Backup your files at least once a week.