Importance of Website Domain Names

The importance of Domain Names for your website is an all-to-often overlooked problem that quite often does not manifest itself until it is too late.

The golden rule is that ‘Your Domain Name should be your Website Name’.

Now you have your website designed and produced for your niche product it has suddenly dawned on you that you need to call it something and that it might be a good idea to call it something in line with what you are actually selling. It is only then that you discover that all the appropriate domain names to your product or service has / is already being using by your competitors and that you should have been looking at this before even sitting down to design your website – but all is not lost (Nil Desperandum)!

Naming a site after its domain name is important, for the simple reason that when people think of your website, they’ll think of it by name. If your domain name is also your website name, they’ll automatically know where to go. For example, when people think of engagement rings, they don’t have to wonder what URL (Uniform Resource Locator or Web Address) to type into their browser to get there. In this respect it makes sense if the name of the site is also the URL address such as “”.

Imagine if your business (or website) is called “Engagement Rings”, but somebody else holds that domain name. Instead, you have some obscure domain name called for instance “”. What happens when your customers, recalling that “Engagement Rings ” has a product they want, type “”? They’ll wind up at your competitor’s website – One lost sale for you – an absolute financial disaster.

You need to keep in mind that where people automatically turn to the Web for information, it pays to have a domain name that reflects your site or business because there are then fewer things for your prospective customers or visitors to remember.

What if you cannot get the domain name of your choice? It really depends on how determined you are to that particular domain name. If you have an existing brand name that you’re known for, you’ll probably not want to ditch that name just because you couldn’t get the domain name. After all, it took you a lot of time and money to establish that name. If so, you might simply want to try to buy the domain name from the current owner, some of whom make a living from acquiring domain names for well known products.

This is a complex area to master and cannot be covered in one brief article. The above is but an introduction to this vital topic.

If you cannot wait for all the follow-up IM articles the complete report can be obtained from the resource link below.

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