Innovative Financing Ideas With a Focus on Small Business Funding

The Oxford Funding Company has been trading for the past twelve years. We offer a wide portfolio of services Like Lease Finance, Hire Purchase, Corporate Finance, Commercial and Residential Mortgages, Credit Repair and much more. We give a special emphasis to small business funding and have many flexible packages for entrepreneurs and start ups.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who bring with them over 50 years of combined experience in the finance industry with accounting, banking, and finance company backgrounds. Many of our team members have worked in or even run small and medium sized businesses. This gives us an edge when it comes to Small Business Funding.

The company was formed at a time when most brokerages failed to deliver services that met client needs. We decided that it was time to raise the standards of service in the industry and started as a small business which offered various innovative funding options. Today we have grown to include many prestigious clients.

Our mission statement is ‘To help businesses grow by finding the best funding package to fit each client’s requirements and situation’. We work towards this by sourcing the business funding options that offer you the maximum advantage. Our honest, efficient and friendly service has won us many long term clients. We treat Small Business Funding and corporate funding alike and offer the same efficient levels of service.

Our approach is to identify the right funding option that would help you leverage all the benefits possible in your situation. We work to find the most competitive package for small business funding or large corporate finance. Our aims are:

Get the UK ‘s Top Commercial Financing Solutions Including Small Business Funding

To always endeavour to secure the right funding for the right situation with borrowers and lenders who are fully aware of their commitment, and achieving a long-term satisfaction from the arrangement.

To find a competitive funding package customised to fit each client’s specific requirements and delivered in the fastest timetable possible.

To arrange loans at the lowest rate available in light of the client’s financial situation.

To ensure that you’re free to concentrate upon developing your business while we undertake the entire administrative burden until completion of the package, using the best computer systems to guarantee time is never wasted because of inefficiency.

To achieve a friendly, professional result with a broad range of competitive services that meet the clients’ funding requirements.

To avoid a funding or finance package that does not perform as promised.

To perform so that clients become repeat customers.

To offer a personal service with high standards always working to offer honesty, efficiency and excellent customer service.


We have plans for expansion including everything from Small Business Funding and medium sized business support to corporate finance. We are expanding our team to include specialists and will use their expertise to bring you many new advantages. We also strive to improve the levels of our customer service. So, whether you are looking for small business funding or any other kind of funding, you can approach us with the confidence that we will get you the best package available.

Call our specialist brokers, Glin or Peter on 01242 226662.