Marketing Plan Outline – Getting Started

When I started my online business the one thing I failed to realize is that I needed a marketing plan outline. I was so caught up with all the hype,(or should I say all the lies and scams) which constitutes 97% of the home based business opportunities on the internet!

After serious hours, days and weeks of hard work, (not mentioning my hard earned money) chasing the get rich overnight opportunities, did I realize that I was acting like the fools during the “gold rush” in the old western days.

If there is any one thing that I could advise to all newcomers, (because everyone else has had the same experience) is that it doesn’t happen overnight. You need a marketing plan that will guide you to thinking in terms of truly building a long term business. When you have that proper mindset, then you are ready to get to work in the real world.

You need to really consider a product or service, or both, that you would have the passion to do what it takes to start your new business from the bottom up; in other words, your foundation that your business will be based on. With that passion, you will love to do the things that have to be done to begin your new adventure!

Ok, so first things first. Your marketing plan should begin with market research in your area of expertise or hobby. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in the real world neither will your business. Take the time to start a folder with all the information you can find. The great thing about marketing on the internet is, you don’t have to go far to find all the information in the world! Have fun with it! No one knows everything about any one thing.

In long term thinking, you have to realize that you will build your website, based on your research. Your website will offer the answers (your products and information) that will fulfill the needs of people searching for what you have to offer! Hands down, there is nothing more fulfilling than making a living helping others.

With all this in mind, after you have built your foundation through your research, then and only then, will you be ready to move on with your marketing plan outline.

Stay tuned, the fun is just about to begin!