Want more money – Give things away for free

If you want to make money online and want even more money you need to give things away for free. By providing free gifts to others you can dramatically improve your brand and increase the numbers on your mailing list. The art of viral marketing can never be stronger than what it is now and its one of the first places you should start with your online business traffic building techniques. If I was to start again today with my online business or was concentrating on hitting a brand new niche this is how I would progress from the start. Giving away something of value even if it was something small that would get your name and brand circulating around the internet at great speed.
Even converting your about me page into PDF and offering it through your Blogs can make a great difference with your traffic generation. I tried it some time ago with my early years PDF showing how I first got involved with internet marketing and It has had thousands of downloads because people are curious about how it started. The other great reason for a giveaway item is to use it to build your mailing list. You don’t need to provide a huge e-book just a worthwhile report that provides the reader with information of value. It you are aiming your efforts on the affiliate marketing niche the “top ten tips for increasing your affiliate sales” will go down a storm or you could go for something more basic like “break into affiliate marketing”. There has never been any secret for the fact that people that want to work online are incredibly lazy and don’t want to put in the endless hours of hard work.
Therefore people will grab your give away item and offer it to build their own list rather than writing their very own from scratch. It is an easy option for them and is great for you as it then adds to your own traffic because when people read it they will be curious about the original author and the domain on the front of the report will get lots of unique hits. If you want to increase the sales of one of your products giving away a little part of the item will give you a wonderful surge in sales. If you have an e-book about Blogging put together in a PDF a few Blogging tips then at the end as a call of action direct the readers to the full e-book and the results will be amazing. I love viral marketing and would never change the results that it can provide me with and will use it many more times over the years.