New Pre-Packaged Air Conditioned Enclosures Protect and Cool Electronics, Telecom Equipment, Cameras, DVRs, and more

Warminster, PA (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has introduced a new series of air conditioned electronic/electrical enclosures. The new Pre-packaged Protector Series enclosures feature rugged metal construction and a built-in thermoelectric air conditioner. The thermoelectric cooling unit does not use a compressor, refrigerant or filters, and there are no moving mechanical parts other than fans. The result is a low-to-zero maintenance air conditioned enclosure that makes it particularly well suited for use in remote or hard to access locations, or in locations that are not frequently attended.

EIC has traditionally offered a full line of custom electronic enclosures with optional air conditioners,” said Josh Liegel, EIC senior sales engineer. “With the pre-packaged line, we have paired an enclosure with the optimum size air conditioning unit.” Liegel explained that offering the new cabinets in a select number of sizes and options will “benefit customers by facilitating quotes and expediting deliveries.” Additionally, Liegel said that pre-packaging the enclosures with the A/C units reduces engineering and production costs which makes the cabinets more affordable than custom designed and fabricated units.

EIC pre-packaged air conditioned enclosures are designed to provide protection and cooling for controls, computers, cameras, telecom equipment, instrumentation and other electronic/electrical gear. The cabinets feature rugged, powder coated steel construction. They are weather-tight and are designed to protect contents from harsh environmental factors such as dust, temperature, moisture, corrosion, and vibration. Pre-packaged units are shipped complete with no assembly required.

There are four basic Pre-Packaged Protector Series sizes (L x W) and each size is offered in two depths creating a full line of forty-six different models. Users may select units with cooling capacities of 200, 400, 800 or 1500 BTU/HR. The air conditioning units are mounted to the enclosures in either flush- or through-mount styles to meet varying application requirements. Installation is simply a matter of fastening the cabinet in place.

Made in the USA, EIC Pre-Packaged Protector Series electronic enclosures are built to NEMA standards. Cabinets are available in NEMA 12/4 configurations and can be equipped with a cooling and heating system for total control over cabinet interior temperatures. The A/C units are available in either 120V AC or 220V AC modes and operate in temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

A variety of options exist including heating capability, rain shrouds and tamper resistant packages. The enclosure may be fitted with mounting feet, “drop-in” rack mount brackets, insulation or a polycarbonate view window.

For more information about the EIC Protector Series air conditioned enclosures, please contact EIC Solutions, In., 1825 Stout Drive, Warminster, PA 18974 USA. Phone: 215-443-5190. Fax: 215-443-9564. email: info(at)eicsolutions(dot)com. Or visit the EIC web site at

About EIC Solutions, Inc.

EIC Solutions, Inc. is a leading global provider of cooling and protection solutions for electronics and equipment. Since 1988, EIC has specialized in the design and manufacture of thermoelectric cooling systems for a wide range of applications in many markets including industrial, commercial, military and defense, security and surveillance, oil and gas and infrastructure markets. EIC thermoelectric air-conditioners, air-conditioned enclosures and air-conditioned transit cases meet application requirements for housing and cooling electronics and equipment — both stationary and mobile — in harsh indoor as well as outdoor environments. In addition to pre-packaged solutions, EIC can create custom engineered products designed to meet unique application needs. Flexible production capabilities enable EIC to provide standard and custom solutions for orders ranging from a single piece up to large-scale production rollouts. EIC’s customers include Fortune 100 companies, all branches of the military and government agencies.