Planetarium Labs poised Nine Chronicles for winter-proof sustainable growth

A major upgrade should boost use of the game’s token.

As winter inevitably yields to spring, crypto winters eventually end as the prices of widely traded coins come back. The same goes for such in-game currencies as nine chronicles gold, or NCG.

When the price of the NCG token fell during crypto winter, Planetarium Labs, the publisher of the online game it represents, came up with a multipronged strategy to support the token’s price and reinforce a sense of confidence among investors. The best way to buttress its value, Planetarium Labs concluded, is to increase demand for the token by giving players more things to do with it and by burning revenue earned from players’ activities, denominated in NCG or its wrapped WNCG version.

The update, dubbed NCG 2.0, includes a retooling of NCG’s mechanisms for expenditures and burn. The plan intertwines with a previously announced buyback initiative.

Scaling across multiple platforms and chains

While NCG trades on several exchanges, it is primarily an in-game currency and governance token. Planetarium Labs is implementing strategies to increase the use of NCG in games and related products.

At the forefront of those plans is the expansion and reconfiguration of Nine Chronicles’ content for use in different mobile devices and operating systems. The game is available only on PCs now.

According to the team, Nine Chronicles Mobile won’t be a simple mobile port of a PC game. Rather, it’s a new title with new features such as in-app purchase, a transparent gacha system and a new Web3 business model. The product is now under development. It is expected that the number of daily active users, now at about 20,000, will increase by more than 10 times.

NCG can be exchanged 1:1 with the Ethereum-based WNCG, which will soon be available on multiple chains. The development of a complete multi-chain strategy that includes BNB, Polygon and Arbitrum is underway, and that will give the Nine Chronicles economic model greater scale.

In addition, Planetarium Labs plans to further expand the use and function of NCG in its ecosystem through the utility NFT project called “D:CC,” for De:Centralized Cat, which was launched last year. The newly developed D:CC staking system rewards holders with WNCG and DCCM (D:CC Mileage), and in just four days since its release, a total of 1,148 out of 3,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were staked. These currencies can be used for various items and NFT purchases in the dedicated store, which is being developed now.

Feel the burn  – in a good way

Planetarium Labs has plans to burn a maximum of 50% of the NCG profits generated. The strategic burn is intended to increase the demand for NCG, defend the price from external factors and build trust in the holder community.

In December, the team started a buyback with stablecoin reserves, which is in progress  and 46% complete.

In addition, Planetarium Labs has created Solarium Labs, an investment arm that supports and ultimately contributes to the expansion of NCG use by incubating and supporting pioneering blockchain game and Web3 projects. Solarium Labs will operate an ecosystem fund that will provide grants and investments to projects that contribute to the expansion of the Nine Chronicles community and increase the use and burn of NCG. The project will be led by community members, including gamers, guilds, builders, modders and creators.

Further plans

In addition, Planetarium Labs shared its plans for the transition of Nine Chronicles to a proof-of-stake model through Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals promulgated throughout the community. This will enable the team to lead the way in providing a sustainable Web 3 gaming experience based on improved technical efficiency and scalability.

Nine Chronicles is also expanding its in-game world and economic ecosystem by working with strategic partners, such as The Sandbox, and with partnerships with different exchanges. With this effort, the Nine Chronicles team expects to secure the use and versatility of NCG on a significant scale.


Nine Chronicles, NCG and the community that has coalesced around the project is growing continuously. The game has 69,000 followers on its moderated Discord channel and 122,000 on Twitter.

As a community-driven game, Nine Chronicles incorporates the community’s voice as much as possible when making decisions. DAO-styled community voting is part of the process. When developing new game features or making strategic business decisions, Planetarium provides players with proposals and gathers feedback. After a few revisions, proposals are submitted to the community, and the community casts their votes according to their preference. Different voting power is given to the players depending on the importance of the subject. Sometimes voting power is given according to the amount of NCG staked, or is simply one vote per person.

The team stated that it is just a member contributing to the ecosystem and that after NCG 2.0 it will reflect the voices of community members in internal and external decision making to provide a truly community-driven Web3 gaming experience.

About Planetarium Labs and Nine Chronicles

Planetarium Labs, which raised $32 million in a Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands, is a community-driven Web 3 game publisher devoted to delivering a scalable, meaningful environment where anyone can create, share, own and earn. It believes that communities can create infinite possibilities through decentralized innovations and strives to empower massively multiplayer online games with creative freedom and player governance. Planetarium Labs has an integrated team of core blockchain development, game publishing, and Web3 content studio, all aligned on creating powerful synergies between technology and communities.

Nine Chronicles is a decentralized, open-source, free-to-play MMORPG based on Norse mythology. Nine Chronicles is the first title to be developed with the Libplanet .NET library. The game is run on a peer-to-peer network of players without requiring any centralized server to host. The entire game, from crafting an item to complex battles, takes place fully on-chain. Nine Chronicles is governed by its community and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currencies. For more information, visit Nine Chronicles’ official Twitter, Discord and Medium feeds.