Postmates, the startup that scares Uber, up $ 80 million

The US company specializes in internet delivery by individuals. Its value is now $ 400 million (€ 358 million).

It is not yet known also that Amazon or Uber, but could soon overshadow the two companies together. The US startup Postmates promises its users to deliver their “best in your city in minutes.” Using its mobile application or the website, you can order food, coffee, clothing or even flowers from partner stores and have them delivered in less than an hour. Four years after his birth, Postmates announced Thursday a levy of 80 million fund (approximately € 71 million), bringing its valuation to over 400 million. She also revealed to have made ​​more than 2.8 million deliveries since its inception.

Partnership with Apple

Postmates is one of those mobile applications based on the collaborative economy: its delivery drivers are individuals wishing to supplement their purposes. They are free to use the means of transport they wish, provided the controlled object is delivered in less than an hour. The start-up then takes a percentage of the costs of delivery which customers pay is usually between 5 and 20 dollars depending on the race. Objects or delivered meals differ among cities Postmates is currently present in over 70 US cities where it has established partnerships with local businesses or large retail chains. The start-up was particularly associated with fast food Chipotle and Starbucks. It now seeks to diversify beyond food: Postmates recently signed a partnership with Apple to deliver its products to its customers on the same day of their order.

In approaching the giant new technologies Postmates passed by another great name of Silicon Valley: Uber. According to the American press, the company specialized in transport passenger car with driver wants to diversify its activities in the delivery of objects or meals, but still groping. “UberEats, imitative launched in the fall to deliver the fast food Uber users in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Barcelona, ​​often so few users that drivers are forced to throw food to the end of their work day, “recounts eg Wall Street Journal.

Postmates not only shares the ambitions of Uber, but also its problems. Like other companies based on the collaborative economy, startups may soon upset his model. The labor board of the State of California recently recognized a former Uber conducting the employee status, not self-employed. If this decision were confirmed, it could impact numerous start-up that uses the services of individuals by forcing them to pay more and to fulfill additional fees, like retirement or health insurance.