PruHealth – Prudential Health Insurance

Prudential Health Insurance or Pruhealth as it is commonly known has is roots in Prudential plc, a financial services company started in 1848. Prudential plc is active in the fields of personal banking, insurance, pensions, retail investments, property investments and institutional fund management.

Discovery Holdings began in 1992 as a health insurance company in South Africa. Pruhealth is a joint venture between Prudential plc and Discovery Holdings. This means that it is backed by 160 years of financial experience and reliability along with up to date expertise in the subject of health care.

The company has a unique Vitality Programme that encourages policy holders to look after their health and at the same time save on premium payments. The programme works on the basis of awarding “vitality points” for a range of good health practices that policy holders are encouraged to follow. The points earned are tabulated at the end of the policy period and converted into a discount on the next premium. Obviously, the higher the number of vitality points the greater the discount.

Additionally, undertaking specific activities at one of the many partner institutions which includes health clubs and fitness centres as well as supermarkets and other establishments, also entitles the policy holder to not just more vitality point but often discounts from the partners themselves.

The programme does not expect policyholders to become fitness fanatics but rather to look after their health and well being. There three levels of membership beginning with Silver, progressing to Gold and ending with Platinum. Membership is automatic when one takes a policy but, of course, availing of the benefits is purely optional.

The company offers three types of coverage, each of which can be modified to suit individual requirements. All the plans include Vitality membership so subsequent premiums may be discounted.

o The Core Plan. This is the most basic of the three plans. Eligible hospital fees are specified and claims may be made only against those. There is limited outpatient care – this is only available for outpatient treatment subsequent to in patient care. That is, follow up out patient treatment. There are various additional benefits available including rewards for using NHS facilities and for the birth of a baby.

o The Essential Plan. This contains everything covered by the Core Plan along with additional facilities like higher levels of out patient care.

o The Comprehensive Plan. This plan besides offering all the cover of the Essential Plan also offers even higher levels of outpatient care and greater cover limits. Additional benefits include complimentary therapies and so on.

PruHealth has become one of the most popular health insurance companies in the UK. One reason is the Vitality Programme which encourages a healthier lifestyle among the policy holders by offering financial inducements to look after one’s health. Secondly is the simple and easy structure of the plan options that make them easy to understand and decide upon. The third contributor to the company’s popularity is it reputation for being extremely user friendly and the helpful attitude it displays in dealing with the policy holders.