Registrant Search Released By DomainTools

DomainTools launched RegistrantSearch this month, a tool enabling anyone to search for domains by registrant names. You simply access their site RegistrantSeach, type in the person’s details and hit the search button.

According to their press release, the tool has been in beta mode for the past 8 years. They were taking email requests from lawyers and legal representatives and doing brute force searches of their 80 million whois records to pull out data.

After all those years of taking email requests, they finally decided to put together a robust tool for everyday use by every day users. It is pretty damn cool, you go to RegistrantSearch, type your neighbor’s name in and you get a display of all the weird domains they own. Not to mention that you can pull up all the domain names your competitor owns, mark them down and wait for them to expire. Hm, the legal connotations are unlimited.

This is just another excellent tool by the ever growing DomainTools website. One downside is that currently report requesting is not free, a report displaying all the domains I own would cost $88 US.

Thinking it through, a tool of this form probably should not be free to prevent these exact scenarios I mentioned above. If it were a free tool, the amount of spam, abuse and plain old annoyances to various domain owners would increase tenfold.

Still, I think I’ll hold of getting a report on what domains I own. A list of my competitors however… we will see.