Strong Demand for Security Tracking Software, Reports Leading Financial Web Site Penny Stock Detectives

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

In a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, editor Sasha Cekerevac believes one of the largest potential sources for corporate earnings growth is managing, tracking, and securing networks and devices. Cekerevac notes that this is especially true when it comes to mobile phones and the variety of mobile devices and operating systems.

One of the more interesting technology stocks in this category is Absolute Software, believes Cekerevac. He feels the companys technology allows other companies the ability to manage the security of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

The ability to delete sensitive information remotely will grow in demand, as more firms become office-less. This trend for employees to be on the road and more mobile creates a security nightmare for corporations, continues Cekerevac. Absolute Software is one of a few technology stocks providing software to help alleviate some of these concerns.

According to Cekerevac, for the third quarter 2012, the company increased revenue by nine percent to $ 18.4 million, with corporate earnings of $ 1.4 million. Approximately five million computers around the world are currently secured or managed by Absolute Softwares software. With so many more millions possible, the potential for corporate earnings growth appears quite large, in Cekerevacs opinion.

Technology stocks that offer such software in this space are also helping corporate information technology (IT) departments, as it has become increasingly costly and frustrating to manage all of the different devices that employees are using, notes Cekerevac. This appears to be a good selling feature that should drive corporate earnings.

Cekerevac also likes technology stocks like Absolute Software that sell to the retail sector and not just corporations.

The editor finds one of Absolute Softwares products quite interesting: LoJack, software for laptops. Basically, if your laptop is stolen, this software allows you to track the laptop in addition to locking and deleting data remotely. The companys software has recovered over 24,000 laptops in 91 countries, according to Cekerevac.

The stock has had a very strong run over the past year, says the editor, like many technology stocks, from a 52-week low of $ 3.30 to a recent high of $ 6.78. Following such a move, a pullback was certainly in order. The stock has recently settled on its 50% retracement level, which is a key indicator, reports Cekerevac.

Further information regarding Absolute Softwares corporate earnings growth rate and a sustained move above $ 6.00 is needed for this stock to be able to retest and possibly exceed the highs of the year, believes Cekerevac. Also note that there has been a lot of investor interest in technology stocks lately, and this could also push up the share price. But before jumping in, Cekerevac warns, wait for additional buying interest and the financial results coming out later this year.

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