The Shutdown Timer App for Your Computer

shutdown timer appThe Shutdown Timer app is perfect for you if you don’t have the time to worry about whether or not you shut off your computer or not. The timer will shut down or reboot your computer whenever you set it to perform such actions. You can set it to do this based on CPU or RAM utilization or even CPU temperature. You can either put your computer into sleep or standby mode. Shutdown Timer can really help to save energy when you aren’t utilizing your computer.

Shutdown Timer runs on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. With the program, you are able to install a sidebar app that gives you single-click access to view Shutdown Timer, and you are able to use a portable version that can be dropped on a USB flash drive to be downloaded on a different computer.

Once Shutdown Timer is installed, you are given the ability to set a scheduled computer shut off time for every day of the week. You also may set it to reboot every day at a certain time or lock on its screen at certain points throughout the day. This is a great feature if you want to make sure that your computer will be turned off when you aren’t at home.

As mentioned before, you can set your computer to shutdown or reboot when certain conditions occur. For example, you can set your computer to shutdown or reboot when you reach a certain point of CPU or RAM utilization. Also, you can do the same thing if your computer is overheating because of something that you are not there to monitor. This can help to safely power down your computer without any possible damaging effects.

The Shutdown Timer app is a very handy tool. It can do more than just turn your computer on and off when you need it to, it can monitor your computer while you are not utilizing it. Another great thing is that its free! If you’re looking for anything like this for your computer, then you should definitely check it out.

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