Twitter Marketing Taboos

If you are going to be using Twitter there are several things that you should avoid doing or it could be a big waste of time to get on it in the first place. Your efforts simply will not pay off.
Don’t Be Too Obvious
If you use the hard sell approach on Twitter you will simply shoot yourself in the foot. Blatant hard-sells are ignored. This is because Twitter is first and foremost known as a social networking platform and not really as somewhere where people should be doing business in the first place. The only people that really succeed on Twitter are those whose identities are wrapped up completely in their business to the extent that they look like real enthusiasts.
According to the experts on the video series “The Six Figure Mentors” you have to look like a real person on Twitter and not like an employee for a big corporation who is trying to fool people. In fact, this is where the fact that you are a smaller entrepreneur works to your advantage as you are not attached to a big brand name that people will automatically assume is going to sell to them. You can be much more subtle about it.
Don’t Be a “Reply Spammer”
Reply Spamming is a relatively new technique on technique that tricks people into clicking on an affiliate link. Usually this is a tweet that includes a URL with a code in it. This usually does not work as most people know what this type of link looks like. Even if the link is cloaked, it may be discerned as being too obvious of a hard sell. Doing something like this as an affiliate marketer is a great way to lose followers on Twitter and also get a bad reputation.
Don’t Bother Selling Mirror Products
One of the worst things you can do is try to sell a “Make Money on Twitter” style of informational product on Twitter. There is nothing that would ruin your reputation and credibility faster, not only with your followers, but you could also possibly be kicked off Twitter as well.
Twitter is About Relationships
The best way to use Twitter is to use it to build relationships with your customers. It is about building a network of linked customers. Your content can be a pitch of some sort but make it random and light in nature. This is more of a social platform rather than a business platform in the first place.
If you are going to sell on a social networking platform then remember that it is the “relationship” that must sell or you will never sell the actual product. In that sense Twitter is also great for building trust and credibility with both your current and future customers. If you always keep in mind that you are selling your relationship first and foremost then you will not have to worry about getting blocked or unfollowed by potential prospects.
Although you might be tempted to make a quick buck by putting up a whole load of URLs you may surprised that Twitter users are quite savvy and people do not tend to click on them right – instead you should forcus on getting your followers to know like and trust you. It is a much better strategy to use as this way you build credibility and get your name out there and above all add value.