What Are the Best Forex Trading Tools?

Some of the best forex trading tools are standard indicators which have been around for years. You may be surprised at just how effective and widespread these basic indicators are. Two of the best tools for trading any markets are moving averages and momentum based indicators. They may look simple, but in the right hands they can prove invaluable to your trading career.

Moving averages have been around for many years, but this doesn’t make them any less useful. The most effective and best moving based averages is a simple moving average. There are many different kinds of MA indicators, but only simple moving averages are used by large corporate market players such as banks and hedge funds. One of the main uses of these indicators by the professional market traders is to help them identify the trend.

Momentum based indicators are the second best tool that any trader should have in their trading toolkit. Momentum indicators measure the momentum in the market. Momentum precedes price. This means that when used properly momentum indicators can warn you in advance of possible future price movement. Some of the best momentum indicators are the stochastic and relative strength indicator.

There are a lot of different forex trading tools available today, but some of the best tools for any trader are those that have been around and used by traders for years. Moving averages and momentum indicators are used widely and with great success by profitable professional traders at banks and hedge funds still today.