100% Mortgage Financing With a Lowly “500” Credit Score?

A Wireless Credit Card Terminal For Mobile Services

A wireless credit card terminal is a great solution for service providers and technicians who work out of their trucks and travel all day. It can save time and money.

Using a wireless credit card terminal can eliminate phone calls and will help prevent fraud. This option lets outdoor markets and greenhouses accept more payment options, which can make their businesses more profitable. A wide selection of products can be found at office supply stores, such as Staples and Office Max.

A Wireless Credit Card Terminal For Mobile Services

Harold and Laura had been seeking some financial advice from a local bankruptcy attorney. Harold and Laura received their notice of the Final Discharge of their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This allowed Harold and Laura to maintain two trade lines and their on time rental payment of some $1,250/month outside the Bankruptcy action. Laura had now been back to work at her old job for two weeks. Now Harold and Laura had their rent, one car payment and a small credit card and their home utilities. It was Harold and Laura’s way to cope with the dark cloud that had beset them. At the most recent Open House visit, Harold and Laura shared that they had put their financial challenges behind them. Laura was feeling great and off all her pain medication. A joint credit report was pulled and as Harold at the time made the most money his middle score was utilized to qualify for a mortgage. His middle credit score was right at 500. The mortgage broker went on to explain that they would qualify for an 85% Loan To Value mortgage. The mortgage broker felt like he could present Laura’s employment gap due to the accident and use her current income for qualifying purposes. Totaling up the income versus the debts, it was determined that Harold and Laura could buy a home in the $175,000 range IF the seller would offer reasonable terms on the 2nd mortgage. It won’t last forever; the time is at hand for seller help and creative financing.Dale