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Why a Direct Lender May Not Be the Best Choice For a Merchant Cash AdvanceIn no case is this more prevalent than in the Merchant Cash Advance industry

Merchant Cash Advance Industry Unraveled If you are a consumer that goes direct to the airline to buy tickets, imagine now your purchase had to be approved by Delta and it would take 3-5 days for a decision. What if they all decline you. If only…

Apply this to obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance. Heed my words when I tell you that the industry wide approval rate for a Merchant Cash Advance is not as high as 90%.

Every Direct Funder Approves Different Things A Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan, but rather a purchase of future credit card sales. In 2007, there were several large funding companies that were approving every business under the sun, so long as they accepted credit cards.

Here’s an industry secret: Your cost of funds don’t improve if you cut out the middleman. A reputable brokerage firm knows the approval parameters of the funding firms inside and out. They have established relationships that warrant great influence over the funding firms. When Joe Nail Salon Owner calls a broker and explains he has a tax lien.

The Broker Advantage The funding firms respect that reputable brokers have properly screened clients before referring the business. It only makes sense that a funding firm would lower their own margins to accommodate a broker’s client.

In this economy, your chances of obtaining a business loan shouldn’t be higher than a Merchant Cash Advance. The most reputable brokers offer the truth upfront. If only…

The Worldwide Direct Title Insurance Industry report, published annually by Barnes Reports, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics. The report features 2010 current and 2011 forecast estimates on the size of the industry (sales, establishments, employment) for the 47 largest world countries, including United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.

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