An Overview of Online Computer Training Courses

Computer training courses have become the last refuge of the jobless. Unemployment has been rising at an unprecedented rate. If you look at the newspapers, you will feel like there are no job openings coming up in the near future: economic recession, downsizing, outsourcing, and off-shoring is all that newspapers are full of. Because of all this, many people are being forced to think about a career change.

Previously people thought about a career change only when they felt bored with their existing job or when they felt that there was nothing more left to achieve in the existing job. However, not many employees at present can afford the luxury of a voluntary career change. Many employees have been given the pink slip over the last one or two years. The only option for them is to learn new skills and start their career anew.

At present, computer training courses are the most attractive option. The best thing about these courses is that they are affordable. What’s more, it is comparatively easy to learn the working of software packages.

A number of computer training courses are conducted by universities and educational institutions. These courses cover a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from simple office applications and accounting packages to complex programming languages. If you have a personal computer with an internet connection at home, you can learn many software packages and languages even sitting at home.

Web Designing And Application Developing

Ever wondered who creates all these wonderful websites and animations? These are created by people just like you and me. One has to learn software tools and languages such as html, xml, javascript, PHP, and Photoshop for creating professional looking websites. One can find many free tutorials of these software tools on the internet and can download study material. Web designing is ideal for those who have the artistic talent for painting or drawing.

However, for learning web application development you need to have more than just artistic talent. There is not much distinction between scripting code for web applications and writing the code for creating new software tools. The good thing about the internet is that if you develop a new path-breaking software application, you can announce it to the rest of the world almost instantly using social networking websites and mobile phones.

Office Automation Packages

These are perhaps the most popular computer training courses. They include a typesetting software tool like MS Word or Open Office Writer. A spreadsheet package like MS Excel or Open Office Calc is also essential. In addition, one can learn how to work with database management software tools like MS Access or presentation and slide-designing tools MS Power Point or Open Office Impress. The basic training tasks of these tools are typing, formatting, and printing letters; carry out some simple accounting jobs; and creating slides to amuse co-workers.

Accounting Packages

These were the favorites of early birds of computer training. Every big company has an accounting and finance department. Therefore, almost all companies will periodically have vacancies for accountants who are well-versed in accounting procedures and accounting software tools. You need to have either some kind of qualification in accounting or some kind of work experience in an accounting-related department or organization. Otherwise, you may not be able to optimize your learning with computer training courses.