Aristeidis Floros Online Game Killer Floros Bird Discovery

(PRWEB) July 06, 2012

Killer Floros is the new game that entertains children’s happy hours and intrigues their critical thinking.

Bird games seem to be such a big hit nowadays thanks to the well-known Angry Birds game. Nowadays, it seems that active game players have something else to look forward to a new game called Killer Floros Game by .

Aristeidis Floros the Discoverer

This brand new online game was discovered by a boy named Aristeidis Floros. Barely ten years old, he managed to inspire this brand new game specially designed to provide children with something new to look forward to. Unlike other games, this one provides players with the chance to assess think and make decisions about the next move they are supposed to do.

The Floros game takes the player into a field where they are supposed to battle out the Floros bird. It is an exciting challenge that should perk both children and adults into serious offensive and defensive mode.

The game carries different levels and provides players with one challenge after next. An exciting mix of mind and adventure game, this Aristeidis Killer Floros provides players with the familiar settings with a twist. Hence, be prepared to be amused with classic game elements while being refreshed during your play.

Although created mainly for the younger generation, this particular game could also catch the eye of the younger adults. Requiring strategy and hand-eye coordination, the game should provide players with hours of entertainment while at the same time providing their brains a little workout.

Consider the game like a puzzle with children actively participating in a riddle game that would sharpen their focus without boring them to death. For parents, its also a great way to keep their children occupied without worrying about them during the day.

As studies show, video games actually help children in their development. When done at proper intervals, it helps children develop not only their creativity but also their critical thinking skills. This is because video games or online games are created based on puzzles and children would need to assess and solve them all.

Games like these also spark interest on technology, making children more gadget savvy way ahead of their time. Handled correctly, game like the killer floros application would not only help children stay safe indoors but could eventually help with their development.

For those who want to find out more about the game and its creator Aris Floros, try checking out the games website. In here, excited gamers would be informed of the games progress and find out exactly how and when they could have it in their computers.

Make sure to search out this brand new game and find out for yourself if Killer Floros lives up to the name! Despite the uncommon sounding name, be assured that this is one of those games children would find beneficial in their everyday life. Not only should that but parents also appreciate how this bird game could help them bond and learn more about their child.