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Bennetts Bike Insurance

Bennetts Bike Insurance

Bennetts bike insurance currently works with 12 of the UK?s largest insurers to deliver the best prices for you. For example, if you get involved in a road accident while riding your friend’s scooter, you will still be covered by your Bennetts bike insurance (yo do not have to claim from your friend’s scooter insurance). These benefits are subject to certain conditions such as minimum rider age and so on, and details can be found in your policy document.

It is important that you then generate a new quote and purchase directly. If the quote has been generated previously via another site the sale will not be attributed to Quidco and you will not receive your cash back. They offer competitive quotes for bikes and scooters, offering the lowest rates from a wide panel of insurers. You can get a full or quick quote online, or speak with one of their dedicated and experienced staff. When getting a quote all bikers have to give their forecasted average mileage. Try to put down an accurate estimate for bennetts bike insurance, don’t lie and put a really low amount, as this could come back to haunt you.

Approximately 300 staff, based in Coventry, provide competitive quotes to over 600,000 bikers a year (that’s over half of the biking population). With a panel of twelve strong underwriters, Bennetts continues to work closely with them to ensure bikers receive their best possible price for their insurance requirements. We all want a cheap quote. However, when choosing a motor bike insurance policy there are a number of considerations you may want to take into account in addition to cost. Visit bennetts bike insurance for a great quote on your bike today!