Beware Cheap Web Domain Registration Sites

If you are looking for cheap web domain registration, you might want to keep a couple things in mind.? You know the old saying, “If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is?”? Well, domain registering is no different.

The main thing to look out for is hosting.? As you may know, registering a domain is one thing, but to actually have a web page associated with that domain is quite another.? To have a web page, you are going to need a hosting account.? And since the majority of people that purchase a domain are planning on having at least email with that domain, some domain registering companies will offer real cheap domain registration and then not allow you to change the nameservers for a certain amount of time.? By the way, in order to point your domain to a hosting account, you have to associate nameservers with that domain.?

For example, you could register a domain with Company A, and get a hosting account from Company B and just change the nameservers on your domain at Company A to point to Company B and tada…your website is now at Company B.? But, if Company A sells you the domain for really cheap, you can bet there is a catch and it is usually that you can’t change the nameservers for a few months.? So most people end up going ahead and hosting their site at Company A and by the time they can change the nameservers for a different hosting company, it is way to much of a headache and they are just decide they are stuck where they are at.

So, let’s think about this a minute.? You could find a place out there on the web that will let you purchase a domain for $1 for a year but get stuck sitting on it until you can change your nameservers, or just host your site there for a large fee; or you could go ahead and go to a reputable registration site, pay about $10 for a one year registration and not have to worry about it.? It may cost $9 more a year, but if the cheap place ends up charging you an extra $9 a month for hosting than other places, or worse yet, not offering the same services a cheaper hosting place could, then you are much worse off.? Not to mention, if you only register it for a year, you may want an email around the time you need to re-register if you want to keep that domain name.? Some places may or may not do that, and that is real handy especially if you have several domains.? So pick a good registration company, a good hosting company, and stick with them.? It will be easier on you in the long run.