Can files be recovered after formatting

Do not worry about having permanently lost valuable data – it is easy to retrieve your lost files by fast and simple means. Even if the files have been deleted from the “Recycle Bin” directory or lost because of reformatting of hard drive, due to virus/ Trojan, software failure or system auto shutdown – what ever the reason is, the recovery software applications will successfully pull it back for you. Sometimes you might delete critically important data by using shift-delete in Windows, deletion from command line or deleting huge files by using programs that bypass the recycle bin. No matter how you delete your files, the iCare Data Recovery Software is always convenient for the data recovery purpose.

You can recover any type of lost data and recover formatted hard drive by the iCare Data Recovery Software.

The application can be downloaded from the net and be made available for a small fee. Usually a trial version will be provided for users to understand the features based on which they can decide whether to go for it. An additional attraction would be to have the application cost as refundable within a certain period in case you are not fully satisfied.

The features you get in the iCare Data Recovery Software  would typically include:

o Facility for instant file recovery from fixed media like hard drives and floppy drives for home users and professionals, network administrators etc
o Ability to scan for recoverable files within minutes
o Option to scan directories and files on hard drives
o Read only approach to file recovery so there is no risk of any data being overwritten
o Ability to recover multiple files at one go in a batch
o Should ignore disk areas that are bad and work around them to recover data unlike other programs that fail in such cases
o Should work on all standard hard drives like IDE/ATA/SCSI hard drives
o Ability to work on drives greater than 2TB in size
o Should be able to recover formatted hard drives formatted with Windows FAT 16, FAT 32 as well as NTFS

You can now safeguard your files with the recovery software applications available in the market.

Browse through the link below to get an application to recover formatted hard drive and know more. So the next time you look for any data recovery software, try the iCare Data Recovery Software. We assure you that you will never regret you bought it.

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