Canva purchases Affinity creative apps

Canva is an online photo editor and document creator that has become very popular. Canva is popular due to its simplicity of use and ease of access. There is a broad swath of people that use the service and it’s a good choice for those with little editing skills but need something that looks semi-professional.

The Affinity creative apps’ suite was created by a company called Serif. Affinity apps are a solid alternative to Adobe’s creative suite and with Affinity, you OWN the software. Adobe requires a monthly fee to use their software, and you do not own it. Never used to be that way.

Canva says; “we’ve been on a mission to empower the whole world to design. As visual communication becomes table stakes in workplaces across the globe, we’re proud to now be empowering more than 175 million people to achieve their goals – but as we often say, with a mission this big, we’re still just 1% of the way there.”


Canva and Affinity

Canva purchases Affinity creative apps

Canva goes on to say; “Today, we’re incredibly excited to welcome Affinity to the Canva team as we set our sights on empowering every kind of designer. Trusted by more than three million creative professionals across the globe, Affinity’s award-winning suite of professional design software has become a sought-after solution for everything from photo editing to complex graphic and vector design. Together, we’re setting our sights on empowering every kind of team and organization to achieve their goals.”

Affinity’s apps include:

  • Affinity Designer: The top choice for thousands of illustrators, designers, and game developers, Designer is Affinity’s vector-based graphics software for everything from creating digital illustrations to concept art, unique graphics, logos, brand designs, web mock-ups, and more.
  • Affinity Photo: The only fully loaded photo editor available across macOS, Windows, and iPad. Perfect for everything from basic editing to advanced retouching and creating multilayer photo compositions, Affinity Photo is quickly becoming the industry standard for image editing.
  • Affinity Publisher: The next generation of professional page layout software, this smooth, intuitive app lets you combine images, graphics, and text to make beautiful layouts ready for publication, from books, magazines, and marketing materials to social media templates, website mock-ups, and more.

Canva did not announce any major changes to the apps or any services, for now. But we shall see what the future holds. I own these Affinity apps and they are very useful in running this website, so they have my endorsement. Let’s hope Canva doesn’t make any significant changes. Read the company’s blog post here.