Commercial vehicle insurance

All businesses using commercial vehicles will need commercial car insurance as part of their insurance program. With a wide variety of options available, it is necessary to consult with the insurance agent or company to provide full details of vehicle use and ensure the correct coverage is chosen.

The following points should be considered:

How many vehicles and drivers need to be covered?

Coverage is often determined by the number of vehicles and drivers requiring insurance. Businesses with several vehicles and drivers should opt for fleet insurance. This is likely to be less expensive than insuring by individual and vehicle but there are other factors that vary from insurer to insurer such as the class of vehicle.

How is Commercial Use defined in the Policy?

The terms for commercial use of a vehicle will not be included in your personal policy so it is necessary to establish terms with a dedicated commercial policy. The policy should be determined following a consultation with your insurer. It is important that both parties understand the level of insurance required to guarantee coverage in the event of an accident.

Lowering Premium Costs?

The following can help to lower commercial car insurance premiums:

Business Location. – Premiums will be affected if vehicles are located in high-risk areas for theft.

Driver Records. – Qualified drivers with clean records will mean lower premiums.

Vehicle Type. – The lowest premiums are reserved for mid-sized hatchbacks/saloons.

Excess. – If your company can afford to share the risk by pay a high excess, premiums will be lower. Safety and anti-theft devices. – Premiums are sure to be reduced if vehicles are fitted with devices such as alarms, GPS, air bags and seat belts.

Special Commercial Coverages and Considerations

Things to consider regarding commercial coverage:

If your business is subject to federal and state regulations, insurance coverage can be affected. For example, transporting cargo interstate requires specific terms must be met in line with the Department of Transportation. All such matters must be declared to the car insurance agent or company to ensure a clear understanding. If haulage involves equipment belonging to others, this should be reflected in the policy too.

Who is insured under the car insurance policy?

The structure of the business can lead to confusion over who is covered. Businesses with a large fleet of vehicles often form a separate company with the sole purpose of leasing the vehicles to the main company. In such cases, it is important to clarify this structure to the commercial car insurance company to guarantee the policy covers all vehicles, individuals and companies.

No matter what you do – please consider staying safe. There is nothing more precious than life and realization of it makes you not wise but also caring about others. There are so many people on the road with us everyday and we owe to think about them too. They don’t have to pay for our mistakes. You car and you are one and the same. Make both of you behave well!