Creative Networking Marketing Strategy For Web 2.0

Good news about coming up with an effective network marketing strategy is that they are available for free! Hence, money is not an excuse for you to come up with effective promotional scheme to boost your business performance in the market. And with the new web 2.0 marketing trend, you can expect more strategies to come out and they will cost you literally nothing.

You can get started with some proven yet creative network marketing strategies around that have been producing consistent results.

Article Marketing

This is one of the best places to start if you are in search of a creative network marketing strategy. Article marketing is both a combination of traditional and new internet marketing methods. It is information-driven such that you need to write high quality content to compel readers to opt into your list in exchange for the opportunity to gain more information. On the other hand, you can make creative articles to showcase your products and services in an interactive manner to entice readers within your online community.

Aside from posting these content in your website, you can also send them out to online directories to generate more traffic through these articles. If possible, do not submit duplicate content in more than one online directory and make sure each article is unique to improve your standing in the community.


Creating a personal blog is one of the more interactive and creative ways to educate your readers about a certain product or service you are promoting. Instead of creating a website that is focused on selling or promoting products, why not treat it just like your personal blog instead?

This is also an effective way to establish a personal brand that makes it easier to market your products and services as your readers easily gains trust in you. The more people trusts and likes you, they will gain more confidence in buying from you.

Social Networking

You can take full advantage of superb amount of traffic present in social networking websites to meet your network marketing demands. Some excellent social network websites you should consider include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, to name a few. You can also use the wide array of features and tools available to these websites to launch your marketing efforts.

However, you need to observe the terms of use and other policies within that social network website to prevent your account from being disabled or banned from the site. You must therefore invest time to read carefully through those rules.

Video Marketing

In connection with the social marketing arena, you can also use video marketing as an excellent tool to launch promotion as part of your network marketing strategy. Once you have created your video promotion material, you can upload it to YouTube or other equally popular video streaming sites that get an average of 3 million views per day. Imagine if you can utilize even a small percentage of that total amount of views, then you can generate lots of leads and potentially conversions on your marketing campaign.

Network Focused Forums

Finally, you can also take advantage of network focused forums as part of your network marketing strategy. Forums are often frequented by individuals looking for a certain information so it is a great venue to go to if you are in search of targeted traffic. Just make sure that you observe forum rules and offer quality posts on the forum to generate the results desired.