Data Recovery From Tapes

In earlier years, backup drives of tape were used as a medium for mass data storage, interchange and backup. These drives had a magnetic tape that offered higher value of space for the price. In addition, they allowed a relatively quick rate of reading and writing of data continuously. Data recovery from tapes is essential for different reasons.

• Physical damage: This might be the result of broken tapes, expired tapes, flood or any other natural calamity. • Corruption: In this mishandling of tapes, accidental overwrites and operational errors are included. • Software upgrades: Servers are unable to read the date on the tapes.

If you are finding it difficult to recover the data all by yourself, you need to seek help of a data recovery expert. The first step they would take is to create a copy of the tape. This way they always have a backup, reducing the chances of data being lost.

Generally, they will try to recover all data from the copy. This way, if any damage occurs, they can still work from its recovered copy. To prevent data loss, one needs to have a backup system. An automatic back up system is the best, as people tend to have a lot of work and they might not remember to switch on the system manually.

When you set the system of backup, you need to replace the backup tape occasionally so that you do not use a worn out tape in backup system. This way you can be confident that your data recovery tape is performing at its best.

In addition, it is essential to keep checking whether the backup system is working correctly. This way, you can avoid occurrence of disasters if data in the tape is lost or the tape malfunctions.

It is safe to store your backup tapes elsewhere, rather than keeping it in its original place. If any disaster takes place, you will have an additional copy through which you can continue your work.