Dell Has a Tablet Computer Too…

Dell's Has a Tablet Computer Too

For the last few months, in the tech and gadget world, the Apple iPad, has been all the rage. But Apple isn’t the only company working on a tablet computer. Dell, for example, is currently working on building the Mini 5 (though the name may change). According to the company, the five-inch touchscreen will debut in “a couple of months,” but they wouldn’t give away any pricing information. The iPad will sell for anywhere from $500 – $830.

The Mini 5 will feature a five-megapixel camera on the back, as well a front-facing webcam-like camera that can be used for video-conferencing. In addition, it will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1-GHz processor. It will run Google’s Android operating system (version 2.0 or higher), and has a 16:9 aspect ratio – the iPad’s is 4:3. Due to the size, it’ll look more like a Sony PSP than an iPad. spoke to Neeraj Choubey, the general manager of the tablets division at Dell and he had this to say about the device, “It’s a device optimized for media consumption. It will offer the full web-browsing experience so you have something that you are holding in your hand that replaces everything the smartphone does and takes on quite a bit of the features of a laptop.”

He also said the computer will be the first in a series. Others would have varying screen sizes, potentially creating better competition for the iPad. Most people don’t realize that tablet computers have been around for years; they just aren’t very popular. Many experts believe the iPad will change all that and drive up the competition. With the Mini 5 coming out, this is something Dell seems to understand.

Dell already sells some mobile products, but not in the United States. Its smartphones are available in Brazil and China. The Mini 5 would most likely take advantage of the apps that are available on the smartphones. Also, it’s expected to have specialized tools, programs for business users, strong movies and music experience, web surfing, flash, and quick access to email, YouTube, Amazon’s MP3 store. In addition, it will have spreadsheet, presentation maker, and documents, as well as supporting voice recognition. All of these features will set the standard for Dell’s entire line of tablets.

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