Employee training tips for tech startups to build a powerful workforce


Tech startups and small businesses have had a challenging time in the pandemic. Many tech startups were forced to shut shop or downsize with a significant reduction in customer buying power. It has led to startup owners being conscientious about every expense and where they invest their money.

While tech startups operate with limited funds, certain investments are crucial to take the company ahead. One such investment is employee learning & development programs. It is a key requirement to ensure employees perform to the best of their abilities and keep expanding their skill sets.

In this article, we are sharing five powerful employee training tips for startup owners.

Identify what skills employees need

Your employee training program needs to be built to address employee learning needs to produce great ROI. It needs to be relevant to their work profile and help them get better at their jobs.

Before you go ahead and select an off-the-shelf training program or create one, take the time to identify skill gaps in your employees. This will help you understand what your employees need to learn and help you provide them the right training to fulfill their learning needs.

Find a good online training tool

Having a skilled workforce allows tech startups to take bigger risks and achieve more success. Fortunately, it’s not very expensive to train employees with tools like the Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS allows businesses to provide digital learning solutions to employees so they can learn from anywhere.

Take Litmos LMS, for example. It makes the learning process effortless for employees by providing a user-friendly interface and centralized location for everything. Since Litmos automates the process of managing the course and tracking employee learning progress, it is a major asset for startup owners to evaluate employee performance.

Build an uncomplicated training program

The purpose of providing training to employees is to help them perform better. If employees are provided a complicated and difficult to understand training material, they will spend more time learning, and their work will take a backseat.

This defeats the whole purpose of having a training program. Ensure the training content is easy to understand and structured so that it becomes easy to consume. Provide short modules focused on one topic at a time so employees can keep learning without feeling overwhelmed. It also leads to better retention of information.

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Encourage informal learning

The best part about tech startups is that there are a limited number of employees, and everyone is familiar with each other. This makes it easy for startup owners to leverage the connection and encourage employees to learn from each other.

Using one of your top employees to mentor new employees or those lacking certain skills is a great way to deliver learning through informal experiences. Not only does this lead to better workplace collaboration, but it also helps in reducing training expenses.

Gamify the content

Tech startup employees don multiple hats and juggle a wide array of responsibilities. This can often make them feel that they don’t want to spend time on a training course. Moreover, if the course content is not engaging, they can completely lose interest in training.

To make the training program interesting, gamify the content by using elements such as challenges, quizzes, reward points, badges, etc. Encouraging employees to compete to get to the top of the leaderboard can get them excited about learning.


There are a lot of cost-effective ways to train startup employees. Use the above-mentioned ideas to enhance your employee skill sets and build a powerful workforce.