Free Credit Score

Looking to get find out what your credit score is but you’re not really sure how to get that? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find out what your credit score unless you apply for a loan and a lender is willing to share that information with you, or you pay for it.

There are many websites that offer a free credit score, but that offer actually comes with strings attached. In order to access your credit score, you will have to subscribe to a 30 day trial of their credit watch service, for example. After 30 days you will automatically start getting billed for the service unless you cancel, and the rates are usually not cheap.

But what about the Annual Free Credit Report website, which legal has to give you access to your credit report from each credit agency for free? That’s true, the Annual Credit Report site is completely legit and does not require signing up with any offers, but your credit report only shows you the information about your credit history. This will not actually show you what your credit score is.

If you need to know what your credit score is, the best option is simply to pay for it, but you will also want to watch out for websites that appear to be legitimate credit score websites, but really just want your contact information so they can steal your identity. To avoid this, use MyFico, the Annual Credit Report site, or any of the three official credit reporting agency websites to access all of your information, and do not give your Social Security number out to anyone unless necessary.