Generation Web Development Application

Some people think creating a professional website is complicated and others try to do it themselves, because they think it is too expensive to pay a professional to do it for them. In both cases they are telling the truth if they rely on the classic applications, such as HTML-editors and photo enhancement software applications. These applications are not only expensive, but also too complicated to use for the average do-it-yourself website creator.
Many aspiring webmasters ask professionals to do it for them. They need somebody to do the website layout and more preferably somebody who knows how to set up a marketing campaign. Very often the price tag is very high. But, this is normal because web designers use professional applications which cost a lot of money and are not easy to use. The webmasters that try to create websites on their own are not always happy with the results because of the lack of skills.
Software developers have been studying these problems and have dedicated themselves to offer a solution for these problems. The result had to be a web development application that is not only easy to use, but also very affordable. On top of that the websites it produces must have a professional appearance.
Site Rubix is the result of a huge development that has taken an entire year and a well over $100,000 investment, before the completed version could be offered to the public. The application will not only be used by starting website creators but also by advanced website developers. Not only will it be possible to set up a website in a matter of minutes, professionals will be able to set up large campaigns with hundreds of pages for their clients faster than ever.
Every kind of webmaster could benefit from this application, but especially the internet marketers will appreciate this tool because it has been customized especially for setting up marketing campaigns. Images, banners, video and screenshots can be added in no time. Taking and customizing screenshots usually requires the use of a screenshot application, but this will not be necessary anymore, everything has been built in to create complete websites.