Get an efficient Mac hard drive recovery tool for free

Imagine that your secretary spent several weeks on getting her annual report ready; or even had to fly to New York to get the hard drive with the required tax documentation. Unexpectedly the file system gets corrupt due to Disk Utility error, and all the data is lost. Disk Drill is able to prevent this situation and save you thousands of dollars and weeks or even months of time of re-doing the same job! It will easily recover the lost data in case of an accident.

Disk Drill is an absolutely free tool for all users that helps recover lost data, deleted files, and also strives to prevent unexpected data loss with the help of its own Recovery Vault technology.

CleverFiles Disk Drill has three data recovery methods: deep scan, quick scan and recovery from its own Vault. So you will easily recover your lost photos, music, documents, archives, videos and other data with the new software by CleverFiles.

More than that, Disk Drill features its own Recovery Vault technology, which successfully protects your data from unexpected damage.

The new technology monitors your file activity in the background and solves the problem of effective data recovery from HFS/HFS+ Mac file system. It also supports protecting FAT partitions, but the real power is revealed when you recover data from Mac drives. It’s widely known that when a file is deleted in Mac OS from HFS/HFS+ partition, all its details are completely erased, and even if you manage to recover the file in a binary mode, its name, location and other properties are completely lost. When recovering many files in binary mode you get the long list of randomly named items, and it’s hard to tell where the needed data actually is. However, if your disk was protected with Recovery Vault by CleverFiles, this is no longer a problem! In just a few minutes (or even seconds) Recovery Vault will show you which files were deleted preserving all their properties, names, locations. And you are ready for guaranteed recovery. With Recovery Vault you are protected from hard disk problems, unexpected data loss due to crashes, erroneous re-partitioning, etc. More than that, Recovery Vault has absolutely no impact on your Mac’s speed, as it was designed specifically to work in the way to not distract a user from his regular computer-related activities.

So using Disk Drill you will have a free Mac data recovery software which can be used on multiple Macs to ensure flawless Mac recovery in case of data damage or loss.

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