Get Missing Album Art – Album Art Database

Album art work makes finding tunes in your music library easy and fun. Your music could be found lots quicker if you don’t have to search by a listing of names. If you find yourself lacking photos for your music, you need an album art database to find and restore these files.

If all you see in your mp3 player is Track 1, Track 2, or just the title of the tune, then you realize you have to embed pictures. Without the picture displayed, you might as well be flipping through a stack of albums like back in the day. Kinda defeats the point of getting an mp3 player right?

But you need a place to find those photos first. That is how the album art database comes in. However, finding a database may be tough. And once you discover it, easy methods to embed the pictures are hard to find. I don’t know about you, but I simply haven’t the time to flip through hundreds of images on the lookout for the precise one.

That could take an a long time!

So I figured somebody had to have a method to do that automatically. Somebody has to have a tool that does the database search for you.

Not only did I come across one that does this, I discovered a tool that even embeds the photographs for you. Pretty cool right?

You no longer need look through tons of databases when trying to find your album art. Nor do you need to manually embed the image in your music file as soon as you discover them.

You’ll be able to simply discover and search an album art database. Then you can automatically embed picture files into your whole music collection with a single click of a button.