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First class on a commercial jet is certainly a comfortable way to travel. On the other hand, hiring a private jet is the ultimate in air travel. Many organizations, associations, corporations and well to do travelers often make use of a chartered jet.

Charter jets come in all sizes. Smaller jets may accommodate just a few passengers while the large ones can have 15 or 20 passengers. One of the amenities of a private jet is the spaciousness of the cabin. No cramped little seats and having to worry about who will sit next to you during the flight. These are the types of advantages that make the use of chartered jets so attractive.

If you are interested in booking a private jet then you might want to consider shopping for this service on the Internet. There are a lot of air charter services with listings on the Internet. The Internet gives you the ability to comparison shop without having to leave home.

Chartered jets are generally smaller than commercial jets. This allows them to service more destinations than a commercial air carrier. Charter jets offer the flexibility to come and go as you please. There are no delays or changes in schedules.

With a charter jet there is no possibility of you being on one place and your luggage ending up in an entirely different place. A private jet charter makes air travel very enjoyable.