How To Find Fantastic Finance Jobs

There are a wide variety of jobs in the finance industry and a job in finance can cover a wide range of tasks. Finance jobs typically offer good financial rewards but require the employee to be extremely well qualified and more often than not there is a favouritism in the industry toward people that are experienced in their sphere of the industry.

Because of the massive scope of jobs that are available it is often possible that there are jobs to suit people of all ages, skills and interests within the title of finance jobs. The types of jobs in this category include accountancy, corporate banking, commercial banking, investment banking, financial management, investment management, management consultancy, retail banking, personal financial services and taxation.

Chartered certified accountants

There are a number of types of accountants. Chartered certified accountants can work with private businesses, commerce and also the public sector. Chartered certified accountants develop and maintain financial systems. They also are interested in financial forecasting and auditing financial records. They can get involved in a number of levels of business and can produce reports and budget plans for businesses and individuals and they can also help manage funds and salaries.

Many accountants are also qualified to investigate financial anomalies. Some even offer management consultancy services designed to improve the management of the organisations that they deal with to make them more financially responsible and ultimately more profitable.

The chartered accountant can also offer a range of other financial services. They can offer advice on taxation, advice on insolvency and also offer advice on corporate finance. Because the advice that they offer has to be of good quality the accountant has to be extremely well trained and versed in the laws surrounding finance. Accountants can have a very varied working day and the tasks they complete typically include, preparing financial advice, preparing business plans, preparing budgets for clients and collating reports.

They will usually be adept at managing expenditure, credit, payroll and investments and will be able to create financial plans and forecasts. They will also typically have a large component of their work facing clients. This means they get a healthy mix of desk work as well as social interaction with their client base.

Investment management

Investment management jobs include a wide variety of different branches. This can be jobs such as a commodity broker, investment analyst, investment fund manager, stockbroker and also trader. Commodity brokers deal in physical commodities such as coffee, grain, sugar and oil. They buy and sell these commodities on behalf of the product producers and try to make the most of their investments.

An investment analyst researches the trends and undertakes analysis that is developed to help investment fund managers make decisions that aim to maximise the return for the portfolios that they manage. Stockbrokers invest money with the aim of making returns for their clients. They do so for a number of different people and organisations. They utilise market information that is supplied to them by market analysts. There are a number of different types of stockbrokers and each of these types tends to work for a different type of client for example, private individuals or corporate institutions.