How to Get Traffic from twitter | Create a interesting Profile

To gain more traffic from twitter you will have to get a huge fan base. You can’t get Tons of traffic just by having few hundreds of Followers in your twitter profile. Because of that you have to get more followers to your profile. You can buy twitter followers. but there are more free ways available also. I will post them in upcoming posts. When you read this post it might be already posted in this site. In this post im going to tell you some tips to create an attractive profile. Always creating a quality profile can attract your readers to follow you in twitter.

Twitter username and Profile

Twitter username and your profile is the main thing you have to decide before stating twitter marketing. those are the first things your visitors see when they visit your account. so your username should describe your web site content shortly. pick a niche targeted username. Add a little phase describing your niche to username. your profile should be completed one. write a simple bio describing you and try to include few keywords in it only if possible.

Don’t Forget to include your Blog/Website URL in twitter profile

Every SEO expert use their web site or blog link in their profile. but it seems to be lots of people miss this. You are using your twitter account to gather traffic and backlinks for your site. so don’t miss that. Put your site link in your twitter profile.

Connect with other twitter users in same interest

Follow and make contacts with other twitter users who has the same interest as yours. Connect with them and be active on their profiles. they will follow you back and you might get some of his followers too. this is why you gonna need a good username and a quality profile to attract them.

Tweet regularly but don’t spam your site link

Tweet every time when possible. but don’t just spam your site links. write some interesting tweets and news about your niche. try to make discussions. your followers will retweet when you tweet about fresh and new content so others will see your tweets on your followers profiles. this is a free way to promote your tweets. 

Make your tweets more interesting

Don’t just tweet your links by saying “Hay this is my new post read it”  Ask some questions from your followers and say that you got an answer for it. finish your tweet like ” Do you agree with it?”   “Is it true?”  “Do you think its correct? ”  these are some tempting words to click and read the article. write creative tweets to get more attention from your visitors. It will give more traffic than writing posts like please click here or by saying to read this.