How to Install an Anti Virus Computer Software on Your Infected PC

Viruses can be a real annoyance for many people, as they can easily attach themselves to any file on your computer and destroy it. These viruses can slow your computer down and may even lock up your applications on the computer. many viruses on your computer can cause your computer to act irrationally and do many things that you have not asked it to do. If you have experienced this problem, then you need to act fast, and remove all the viruses that are on your computer. Here, are some tips to help fix your computer problems.

Search for computer software programs, that will help eliminate the viruses on your computer. When researching, look for programs that are five star, and have strong, positive feedback from previous buyers. It is best to avoid anti virus computer software that is free, as it may not be a reputable computer program to use for your computer. It is always best to buy your anti-virus software, to avoid any further problems.

If you bought the computer software from a store, then insert the CD in your disk drive and follow the directions that is provided for you. Watch the instructions, and find the software’s icon, so that you can put the icon on the desktop. Double click on the icon, to get yourself used to the program that you are using. To begin the procedure of checking for viruses, you need to click on Start Scan on your screen. This scan may take an hour or more to complete depending on the size of your hard drive.

Once the scan has completed the computer software will create a report that will list all the programs and files that have been scanned. It will also tell you how many have been infected, and what you need to do about it. Most of the programs will delete the offender or quarantine them. However, there are times where you will need to complete the action yourself. To avoid regular viruses, you should scan your computer every couple of weeks.