Introduction to Open Source Software

Talking about the Open source software it can be defined as an attached license which holds certain rights granted to the original creator by copyright law. Open Source software holds a source code which helps the employees to modify the code according the way they work. The employees can add features, fix problems so that it works the way just as they want. This procedure gives anyone the opportunity to redistribute and modify any received open source software.

It aims at the creation of a model for technical support to open source software.

There are four aspects of open source software:-

Talking about the Social Background; the features of open source software are on hand, covering account, regulation, economy, software engineering and others. The Open Source projects are introduced as the basic organizational unit.

After that Project Organization; the work of open source projects are searched and investigated and major effective organizational structures are illustrated.

Thereafter Involved Processes; initially computer systems are presented as the technical context of software. Then, various effective processes of the development, and usage of open source software are illustrated.

Finally Technical Support; the currently emerging software tools and support services are investigated, major tasks and some examples for special Internet services.

The major question arises that how would Open Source software improve the situation?

If you like to save money and able to fix the problems as they occur; the Open Source Software is the solution to the problem.

The very first thing it does is that it increases reliability if saving out-of –pocket is not the top priority for your present computer system, you are willing to pay what it takes to have a useful of course you don’t want to pay more than you have to. If you are currently running on a closed-source, non-UNIX system, you can increase reliability by using one of the Open Source operating systems.

Then comes to save money, if you are thinking to upgrade your current operating system, you will discover larger machine to run it. You can easily switch to open Source software using the same machine you are currently using. If you are adding server you do not need to add more machines as you have switched to Open Source Software and you will be able to use the old machines in this way you can pay for only for what you need.

The final one is that it adds flexibility, by rewriting Open Source software to fit your needs. If you have a number of different software systems, you can tie them together with an Open Source server.