Investing in the Current Market

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Have you finally gotten your online payday loans paid off in full?  Perhaps your financial life is recovering enough you feel you could start investing in the stock market.  Investing in stocks can be one way to save money, while making a little money.  The trouble with the current market is its volatility.

In one week you can see an increase in the stock market in which there are numerous strong stocks and in the next week things can go back to being horrible.  At the moment there is not a lot to invest in unless you have a lot of savings and don’t mind day trading.  The volatility in the market makes long term commitments a bit risky.  This is due to the fact that in one day you can be up several hundred and the next day you’ve lost it.

There are a few long term stocks if you are willing to stick out the day traders, but they will accrue money over a slow period of time.  In any given day you can be up a few hundred and down the next.  Yet overall, you will continue to make a profit.

The first thing you need to do if you are going to invest is decide how much you can afford to lose.  Do you need the money you have in the stocks to pay the bills?  If you need that money chances are you shouldn’t be investing it because you will not make millions overnight.  It may not even be possible to make your monthly wages in the stock market right now, unless you start off with a huge nest egg in the account.

You want to find stocks that are just beginning their uptrend.  You do not want to start investing in a stock that’s shown a significant uptrend.  In that situation you could get burned.  You never know when the stock will turn back down.  Thus it’s always better to look for a slight lowering to the stock before you buy in.

By watching CNBC and other stock channels you can learn what the experts feel you should be investing in.  They have their favorites like Baidu, a Chinese stock with American depository shares.  Baidu (BIDU) has been in an uptrend for several weeks, and analysts believe it will continue in this trend.  The downside is Baidu is in the computer services area with their Chinese Search Engine.  Google, as the largest search engine in the world is fighting for power in China.  It will be a long fight that could have both of these stocks lowering in price rather than continuing in their uptrend of the last several weeks.