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Dissertation Proposal is the starting point before you get the further step to your research project. By good formulating your proposal, you can save your time without using wrong methodology and duplicate works. There are several elements in writing dissertation proposal. As this proposal is the first impression for your dissertation committee to your research project. It is a must to write your proposal according to the accepted structure for some important elements that are abstract, introduction, problem statement, importance of the study, purpose of the research, research hypotheses, preliminary literature review, proposed methodology and procedures, limitations of the study, proposed timeframe, references, and appendixes. This link Thesistown.com will take you to let you know how to write your proposal appropriately.

After your proposal is approved by your dissertation committee, you can step to the further path. In this phase is called doctoral thesis. In this phase you must complete your thesis plans including tasks and activities. In writing phase for you doctoral thesis, you must the ability to develop your thesis. Something you must consider in writing your thesis is your writing style is acceptable. By writing the outline of standard writing, it will help you to adjust with the format requirement of writing thesis. You must have ability to adjust your literature review, theoretical concepts, evidence and case studies. You must optimum the available time to produce your thesis. Formatting, editing, executing your writing is needed to result good thesis. Completing your thesis on time will help you reach your aim.

As the highest achievement, doctoral dissertation is a requirement to obtain PhD. This is the final phase to write your academic finding for your research project. As the essential document for reaching your highest academic level, your research project must give advantages for others particularly for the research that has the same field and knowledge with you. However, something you must consider in writing your dissertation is by making good relation with your dissertation committee. You cannot reach your high level academic if you do not have good relation with your dissertation committee. Usually, many people do not notice this, but this is crucial matter for doctoral student. Moreover, you must have enough holidays. Holiday will make your brain fresh anymore so that you can result a good dissertation by clear mind. The most important aspect for writing your dissertation is your ability to manage your time.