LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker offers 3D Gaming Sound, voice chat, and Game Genre Optimizer

Audio is pretty essential when it comes to gaming. Not only does it help immerse you in the gameplay, but it can make a difference between life and death in first-person shooters and other multiplayer games. LG has just announced the LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker with 3D Gaming Sound technology, voice chat, and a Game Genre Optimizer that customizes game audio.


Touted as the “perfect companion to LG’S premium UltraGear gaming monitor,” the LG GP9 gaming speaker is stylish, easy to control, and allows gamers to get “deeper into the action” with its three-dimensional, game-optimized sound and Hi-Fi Quad DAC.

“LG’s UltraGear Gaming Speaker is a key component of the company’s strategy to expand its UltraGear ecosystem with new innovations that take the gaming experience to exhilarating new heights. With the rapid growth of the gaming industry, the need for premium gaming sound is rising as well. Leveraging its expertise in audio technology, the new speaker boasts LG’s proprietary 3D Gaming Sound technology which incorporates a specially designed HRTF (head-related transfer function) algorithm to tailor a game’s audio according to genre. This results in users being able to experience stunningly detailed virtual surround sound complete with a realistic sense of space, position and directionality, all without a cumbersome headset.”

LG Canada Press Release

The Game Genre Optimizer offers up FPS and RTS modes. The first is tuned to deliver the smallest of details, giving gamers a chance to react quicker to audible cues like footsteps. On the other hand, RTS Mode utilizes “genuine spatial sound” to immerse gamers in real-time strategy, racing, and other games. With its included 3.5mm audio port, gamers can plug in a wired headset for DTS Headphone:X 7.1 virtual surround sound as well.

The LG GP9 UltraGear Gaming Speaker.

Not only does the LG GP9 gaming speaker offer up 3D audio, but it also allows for voice chat communication without the need for a headset or a microphone. The built-in mics can use LG’s unique echo-cancelling algorithm to discern a gamer’s voice from game sounds and background noises. A companion app also allows users to download and share professionally tuned EQ settings, turning the speaker into a discrete sound card of sorts.

The LG UltraGear Gaming Speaker is slated for release in Canada in October. We’re still tracking down Canadian pricing, but it retails down south for US$499.