McAfee Says Security Industry Must Better Protect Users

The company’s second-quarter threat report warns of increasing attacks on mobile devices

“Are we really protecting users and companies?” That’s the questionMcAfee recently asked the security industry in its second-quarter threat report—and it’s a fair and relevant question given the flood of malware, hacking incidents, and spam that has hit everyone from major corporations to small developer shops to individuals.
The growth of mobile devices, in particular Android smartphones, has also meant the growth of malware, notes ReadWriteWeb’s Dan Rowinski. The “persistent threat” to mobile devices, and the industry’s seeming inability to keep pace (let alone outpace) the growth could spell trouble for companies like Adobe, which has outdistanced Microsoft in attracting exploits.
And although it’s fine for companies to simply repeat the mantra “use common sense” it’s safe to say it’s no match for highly motivated hackers.
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